On my mum's side one set of her grandparents where Doreen and George. Both Doreen and George where born in Yorkshire. The two of them both moved to New Zealand with their family. George flew Valerie who is my mums aunty and the youngest out of her and her sibblings as she was to younger to go on the cargo boat which the rest of her family was going on. The rest of their family went onto the cargo boat called the indian reefer and it took from 3-4 weeks to arrive in New Zealand.

When they lived in New Zealand they were in the middle class of society as George was a Butcher, meaning he got quite a large amount of bussiness. In Georges spair time he enjoyed framing Doreens Tapestry as she did plenty of it.

To hear about news they would listen to the radio or they would red the news paper. When the couloured Tv's where realised they where the firsts in their community to get one.

Some intresting facts which I was told about them where that George served in world war 2 and shot by own man and survived, he was shot in the knee and was sent home from war. The family believes if he wasnt shot that day he might of not returned home. After war the family Liked a simple and easy life and was not wasteful. Also Doreen at one stage served in the fire barrage.

My Mum said that her mos t vaulable memorie of them was whenever they were looked after they would have sleepovers and get into their bed in the morning and have fruit toast and listen to the radio. Also that they went on a few holidays with their grandparents.


My Dads grand parents where called Mary and Alec Trevett , Mary was born in Glasgow, Scotland and Alec was born in scotland but no ones sure of exactly what town. Both Mary and Alec came to New Zealand by boat (but not at the same time).

Mary before coming to New Zealand lived in London her and her son Jim were bombed out of three house, so it wasnt a suitable living condition. When they first moved to NZ their living conditions was poor, my grandad worked instead of going to school as they had no money because they were robbed at the docs when they got of the boat at the Auckland wharf.

Alec was living in the navy, which meant since he was in the forces they all had to live in little baracs. Alec at on stage was bombed off of a few ships as well.

When my Dad was younger they only practised religion to a degree - my dad when to sunday school but was asked not to return but his sisters were welcomed back. Dad went to a camp out in henderson and he was baptised (again) at around the age of 12.

Alec and Marry's hobbies where Ballroom dancing and walking the dog.

Something which supprised me was my grandad did know that his father was not actually his father as his real father had stomach cancer and had passed away shortly after he was born. His stomach cancer from working in the shipyards.

My dad said his most vauable memory with them was Christmas parties at the londoners club with all the cousins and relatives all together, this is because it was the one time of the year when everyone would be together. The most memorable things about Alec was that he enjoyed simple things in life, liked cheese sammies and roast dinners and loved family gatherings. The few times he spoke about war he said he had lost all his friends and most of his acquaintances. Something Dad always rembers about mary is that she would order alec around 24/7. Alec would quite happily do the orders as if he was in the navy.

I asked my Dad what Alec's life was like he stated that: He was 18 years in british navy working on ships as an electrician. Alec spent three years in bomb disposal (defusing bombs) after the war in london then shipped out to new zealand and worked on the auckland docs until he retired. He also Liked to walk his german shepherd which was his major joy in life and having family around.

I also Asked what Mary's life was like he stated: Mary and jim were bombed out of three houses in london and shipped out to new zealand at the end of world war two 1946. Upon arriving in new zealand lost her purse with all their money in it on the ports of auckland ( about 100 pound ) went to waiheke island and helped set up the volunteer fire barrage and the catholic church.


I am stella trevett I'm 15 years of age and I enjoy doing sports and spending time with my family at the beach. I am a part of a family of four which consits of my Dad (Steve), my Mum (Jude), my younger brother (finn) and me. I also have a half sister from my dads side called Amber, Amber has a two year old girl called Daisy. I also have one Dog which is a Chocolate American Lab called Baxter.

Here's a few of my favourite things:

  • Playing Netball
  • Playing Indoor and Beach Volleyball
  • Listening To music
  • Eating

Majority of my family is from New Zealand we like to relate wherewe are from to the icons below. We believe that the kiwi is icionic because its a key native bird, along with the silver fern we think that this is a key icon because its known all around the world espically on the all blacks jersey which for our family is a KEY icon as we all love the rugby and sports. Another icon which we think represents New Zealand is sandals as we love to go to the beach no matter the weather!